Stump Removal


We remove entire tree stumps quickly, safely and with the least impact possible to the surrounding environment. If you have a problematic stump lingering in your backyard that has been causing you grief, don’t put it off any longer! Our stump grinding service can help you to regain the area occupied by tree stumps.

We grind down the wood, kill off the root system and clear the way for new life and growth. This grants you the space to plant new seedlings, renovate your home or expand your garden. Stump removal can provide a range of benefits to your home, including a healthier ecosystem, reduced chance of infestations and safer walkways.


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Stump grinding

Stumps can be one of the trickiest parts of removing a tree. This is why many tree services won’t even bother trying to extract the stump. Instead they will cut down the tree and leave the stump protruding from the ground on your property. Leaving stumps to rot in the ground
can cause any number of headaches for residents and property owners.

When left to rot, many stumps will not actually die. This is due to their extensive root systems that continue to bring them nutrients through the soil. The roots instead divert valuable water and resources away from other plants in your garden to keep the stump alive. As the stump pulls in nutrients without any tree to fuel, it becomes a hotbed for infestations of rodents, fungus and disease.

The living root systems of stumps can also create a range of problems beneath the surface of your property. As the roots continue to grow and seek out nutrients, they can push up land and cause cracks in pavement and walls. Removing a stump is the best way to avoid the issues caused by their root systems.


Removing a stump gives you back control of your garden. Once you remove that obstructive protrusion, with its pesky root system that had become a home for rodents, you can use the space however you want. Your home will look nicer, your plants will thank you for the extra water in the soil and you won’t have to worry about people tripping on the stump every-time they walk past.

Once we have grinded up a stump, the wood chips can be used as mulch for your garden to help retain water and nutrients. After the stump has been removed and the hole has been filled in, you gain the greatest benefit of stump removal – more space. This extra space on your property can be used to renovate your home, grow new saplings or as free space to enjoy on your property.


Rather than using potentially damaging approaches like chemical stump removers and digging bars, we extract the stump and kill off the root system using a robust machine known as a stump grinder. Once we remove a tree, we use this piece of powerful equipment to grind down the stump with its tungsten teeth. This process breaks down the stump into fresh wood chips which can be used as organic mulch for gardens.


  1. Once our team have removed the tree and any hazards, we bring the stump removal machine ( the grinder) on site. 
  2. We then set the grinder’s teeth over the stump and begin the process of dismantling the structure. 
  3. As the wood is broken down by the machine, it is turned into mulch derived from organic wood and soil from your garden. 
  4. The Tree Surgeon will determine a depth for the machine to ensure that the stump will decay and new vegetation can be planted.
  5. Once completed, the machine and all large materials and waste will be removed from the site. 
  6. The premium mulch will be used to fill the hole left by the stump, creating an optimal site for new saplings, vegetation or land use. 
  7. A full cleanup of the site is done, leaving the property in a better condition than it started.
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